The Best Erica Sinclair Quotes From ‘Stranger Things’

stranger things is back and better than ever, but there’s one character that stands out above the rest: Erica Sinclair. The self-assured kid sister of Lucas, Priah Ferguson’s portrayal of the character stole the show during its third season, and she continues to do so in stranger things Season 4.

Despite being the youngest of the crew, Erica certainly knows how to keep them in check—especially Dustin, Robin, and Steve. I mean, without her help de ella traversing the vents of Starcourt Mall in season three, the penultimate battle that ensued could have turned out look and differently. Either way, evil is still haunting Hawkins and it’s up to the town’s younger generation to destroy it once and for all.

While Erica may not be out monster hunting in stranger things Season 4 Volume 1, she’s certainly proved herself to be a major asset of the gang in other ways. A year after the Battle of Starcourt, and she’s already a high-ranking Dungeons & Dragons player known as Lady Applejack (yes, from my little Pony). And while Erica is n’t in as much of this season as we’d like, she continues to be a badass that takes control of any situation with her confidence and wit her.

Below, the best Erica Sinclair quotes from stranger things.


What’s In It For Erica?

Season 3, Episode 4:

Erica: “Yeah, I don’t know.”

Dustin: “You don’t know if you can fit?”

Erica: “Oh, I can fit. I just don’t know if I want to.”

Robin: “Are you claustrophobic?”

Erica: “I don’t have phobias.”

Steve: “Okay, well, what’s the problem?”

Erica: “The problem is, I still haven’t heard what’s in it for Erica.”



Season 3, Episode 4:

“You know what this half-baked plan of yours sounds like to me? Child endangerment.”


Not Printed

Season 3, Episode 4:

Dustin: “We think these Russians want to do harm to our country. Greatharm. Don’t you love your country?

Erica: “You can’t spell America without Erica.”

Dustin: “…oddly, that’s totally true. So don’t do this for us, do it for our country. Do it for your fellow man. Do this for America… Erica.”

Erica: “Oh! I just got the chills. Oh yeah, from this float. Not your speech.”


Ice Cream For Life

Season 3, Episode 4

“Do you know what I love most about this country? Capitalism … and it seems to me, my ability to fit into that little vent is very, very valuable to you all. So you want my help? This USS Butterscotch better be the first of many. And I’m talking free ice cream for life.”


Straight Facts

Season 3, Episode 4:

Robin: “Do you see anything? …booby traps?”

Erica: “If I could see them, they’d be pretty s**t traps, wouldn’t they?”


Total Burn

Season 3, Episode 5

“You’re all so nerdy, it makes me physically ill.”


What’s Her Age Again?

Season 3, Episode 8:

Murray: “I’m sorry, why is this four-year-old speaking to me?

Erica: “Um, I’m ten, you old b*stard.”


The Baby-Sitters Club

Season 4, Episode 1:

Eddie: “This is Hellfire Club. Not Babysitting Club.”

Erica: “I’m 11, you long-haired freak.”


Dungeons & Dragons

Season 4, Episode 1:

“I will sneak behind any monster you throw my way and stab them in the back with my poison-soaked kukri. And I’ll smile as I watch them die a slow, agonizing death. So, we gonna do this? Or we gonna keep chitchatting like this is your mommy’s book club?”


Nerd Alert

Season 4, Episode 4

“Oh, and if and when you do find Lucas, please tell him I’ve been covering his ass for two days now. Each day of covering costs ten bucks, with a DPR. That’s a daily percentage rate of 7.9%. And another week of this and he’s buying me a goddamn Nintendo, with Duck Hunt.”

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