The Strongest Aeons In Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 10 is a game that has served as an important precedent for many games that have come after it. From graphics that were ahead of their time to a compelling story and beautiful music, this installation of the long-running series from Square Enix is ​​a masterpiece.

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One of the coolest aspects of the game are the summons—known as aeons—a staple feature in the Final Fantasy universe. Making a spiritual pact with these beings allows Yuna to summon them to the battlefield, to aid her and her her Guardians. Now let’s examine which aeons are the strongest!


8 Valefor

This fayth is the first Yuna receives, and can be found in Besaid Temple. She was a small girl in life. Her Aeon de Ella has high Evasion and Speed, but weak attack power, and is statistically the weakest of all the aeons. She also lacks the Piercing ability for her skills. She deals non-elemental damage, and can delay enemy turns with her special attack, Sonic Wings.

She does have her advantages as a flying aeon, however, as some enemies can’t hit her at all. She can even delay enemy attacks to the point where they are unable to act entirely. She’s the only aeon in the game that has two Overdrives — her primary one, Energy Ray, and one you can obtain later, Energy Blast. Both deal damage to all enemies. Ella she’s a good starter aeon, but far more powerful ones lie in wait.

7 Yojimbo

In life, this aeon was a Crusader, alongside his loyal dog Daigoro. He was originally located in a Temple of Yevon, but was stolen by some Al Bhed to prevent the pilgrimage of summoners. Now calling the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth his home from him, Yojimbo is an optional aeon that will aid summoners – for a price. For at least a whopping 200,000 gil — perhaps a little less if you’re able to successfully haggle with him — you’ll receive his blessing from him.

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In theory, Yojimbo could be the strongest aeon in all of Final Fantasy — if he was reliable. You have to constantly buy his services from him, based on a complex formula that calculates his motivation from him and the probability of him performing one of his four special attacks from him — Daigoro, Kozuka, Wakizashi, and Zanmato. He may never perform the coveted Zanmato, an ability that can usually kill any enemy instantly, including bosses and superbosses — and let’s be honest, nobody has time for that. Ultimately, his stats are mediocre, he ca n’t learn additional abilities with the Summoner’s Soul, and he is just a necessary acquisition to obtain more powerful and reliable aeons.

6 shivaFinal Fantasy X Shiva, featuring her sprite, fayth statue, summoning glyph and symbol, and her in-game model

A staple summon in Final Fantasy, this ice queen is the fourth aeon Yuna learns to summon and can be obtained from Macalania Temple. Once a priestess in life, as a fayth she has high Evasion and Speed. Her special attack from her, Heavenly Strike, calls a massive chunk of ice to come crashing down on a target, inflicting Threaten. Her ella signature ultimate, Diamond Dust, freezes the entire battlefield, and with a graceful snap of her fingers the ice shatters and deals ice damage to all enemies.

As an elemental being, Shiva can heal herself with her own black magic, and receive healing from any iteration of the Blizzard spell. As beautiful as she is, there are still stronger aeons than her de ella, since ice magic can have its actual uses de ella and her physical attacks de ella are n’t particularly strong against tougher foes. She could also be seen as a glass cannon, as there are other aeons with higher HP than her her.

5 IfritFinal Fantasy X Ifrit, featuring his in-game picture, fayth statue, summoning glyph and symbol, and model / sprite

The second of the aeons Yuna comes to commune with, Ifrit is another mainstay summon found across many Final Fantasy titles. Before becoming a fayth at Kilika Temple, he was a Crusader that decided to exit the mortal realm and join the eternal battle against Sin. His special attack from him, Meteor Strike, is a non-elemental attack that can bypass the Protect buff.

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His Overdrive, Hellfire, unleashes an onslaught of flames at any target unlucky enough to incur his wrath. Additionally, like any elemental being, he can receive healing from any iteration of the Fire spell, which is especially useful when he casts his black magic on himself. Although he can take a beating with his high Defense stat, there are still fiercer aeons in the game.

4 IxionFinal Fantasy X Ixion, featuring his in-game picture, fayth statue, summoning glyph and symbol, and model / sprite

Located in the Djose Temple, Ixion was a sailor when he walked Spira in his mortal flesh, before being reborn as a fayth of lightning incarnate. Making a shocking appearance as a majestic unicorn with an enormous horn, his Aerospark special attack deals damage and dispels most buffs. His ultimate, Thor’s Hammer, deals a maelstrom of lightning damage to all enemies foolish enough to jump your party.

Possessing high Magic and Magic Defense stats, he can heal himself and be healed with any version of the Lightning spell. Only the third obtainable aeon in the game, some apparently forget about him. Ixion also has fairly good Attack and Evasion stats, making him an all-around decent summon, but he still doesn’t hold a candle to the stronger, secret aeons.

3 BahamutFinal Fantasy X Bahamut, featuring his in-game picture, fayth statue, summoning glyph and symbol, and model / sprite

Another beloved summon found throughout the Final Fantasy series, Bahamut’s mighty aeon originates from the fayth of a small boy who resides in Bevelle Temple. He is an emissary of the collective fayth, and wishes for Tidus and Yuna to find a way to end their dreaming. As the fifth aeon obtainable over the course of the story, Bahamut is definitely one of the strongest for a few reasons.

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Although he is slow, his special attack, Impulse, and his Overdrive, Mega Flare, are both very powerful abilities that can break the damage limit innately. Unlike him, all the other aeons need the help of empowered celestial weapons from Yuna’s guardians to do so. Although he is not an elemental being, he can be taught any version of the Cure spell with the Summoner’s Soul, and he knows advanced versions of all the black magics when you obtain him.

two animateFinal Fantasy X Anima, featuring her in-game picture, fayth stature, summoning glyph and symbol, and model / sprite

A secret aeon of vast and deadly power located in Baaj Temple, Anima requires a lot of prerequisite work to obtain. Some would argue it’s an arduous task, but it is ultimately so, so worth it. She was Seymour’s mother in life, but she asked Lady Yunalesca to transform her into a fayth that could make Seymour into a powerful summoner. This in turn twisted him into a power-hungry antagonist. Seeking to atone for her grave miscalculation of her, Anima aids Yuna on her journey to defeat Sin and her beloved son of her.

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Anima’s special attack, Pain, instantly kills any target that isn’t Immune to Death. To those that are immune, the move instead deals massive damage. Her de ella Overdrive de ella, Oblivion, causes your enemies to sink into an alternate world, where the underside of her aeon de ella will dole out 16 punches of devastating damage before a final explosion of raw power. Anima is a fearsome aeon indeed, but only one summon, or rather three, outshines her from her.

1 The Magus SistersFinal Fantasy X The Magus Sisters featuring their in-game portraits, summoning glyphs and symbols and in-game models

This three-for-one special is found in Remiem Temple, and is a set of aeons comprised of the souls of three women. They can only be acquired by obtaining all the other aeons in the game, both story and secret, then defeating Lady Belgemine’s versions of them. Although you can only make suggestions to the sisters — as they will ultimately do what they want — whatever it is they decide to do will be powerful. Just be mindful when they take a break.

Sandy’s Razzia, Mindy’s Passado, and Cindy’s Camisade all dish out immense damage. When they combine their strength in their Overdrive, Delta Attack, they can deal upwards of about half a million HP in damage. Even if they might be a little lazy with their actions, they are definitely more reliable than Yojimbo, and there’s three of them! Additionally, they have a lot of starting health (usually dependent on Yuna’s stats) and know powerful spells. What more could you want?

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