10 Most Powerful Wonder Man Villains In Marvel Comics

Wonder Man first appeared in avengers #9 in 1964, initially as a villain working for Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil. He quickly changed his tune from him and alongside the Avengers, fought many powerful villains including Doctor Doom and Kang The Conqueror, which he may do in the MCU now that a wonder-man series is coming from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Destin director Daniel Cretton.

Wonder Man’s most powerful Marvel Comics villains include the biggest threats the Avengers ever faced. He fought Korvac in a standout storyline from the early 1980s and also battled The Vision on numerous occasions. The Vision and Wonder Man share a crucial link in the comics that likely informs their MCU relationship to some extent, and likely leads to a battle between the two in live-action.


madame mask

Madame MasqueAgent Carter

Madame Masque ranks among the best martial artists in Marvel Comics, combining a deadly proficiency in numerous fighting disciplines with expert knowledge of numerous weapons. She used her skills from her as a spy to infiltrate and attempt to acquire Williams Innovations, the company Wonder Man’s father started.

She wears highly advanced body armor, including her distinctive golden mask, and commands armies of Dreadnoughts. These robotic sentries possess incredible mechanical strength and firepower.

Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo creates Wonder Man in Marvel Comics.

Baron Zemo brings an evil genius to every battle, and his interest and skill in genetic manipulation led directly to Simon Williams becoming Wonder Man. Zemo bombarded Williams with ionic radiation, giving him powers, and he then sent him to infiltrate the Avengers to undermine them. from within. Wonder Man turned on Zemo and the Masters of Evil, but lost his life from him in the process.

Though he doesn’t have superpowers, Zemo’s calculating intellect and vast resources make him a consistent, dangerous threat.

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper captures the Avengers in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know Wonder Man’s most dangerous enemy is his own brother. The Grim Reaper first fought the Avengers armed only with a techno-scythe, an advanced blade that had multiple uses. The blade spun, propelled, and even served as a helicopter blade for quick escapes. He later gained mystical abilities, including the power to control the dead.

The Grim Reaper fought the Avengers several times to avenge his dead brother, and after Wonder Man returned, they continued to clash as the brothers went down very different paths in life.


Graviton fights Wonder Man in Marvel Comics.

An experiment altered Graviton’s molecules, allowing him to manipulate gravitons, the sub-atomic particles underpinning gravity. This gives him enormous power and he can escalate or deescalate the gravity within a person or object to virtually limitless levels. This allowed him to subdue the entire Avengers squad in issues #158 and #159, including Wonder Man.

Graviton can lift enormous volumes with his power, and reshape matter to some degree. He also focuses his power from him into highly destructive energy blasts, producing concussive force equal to small atomic bombs.


Abomination possesses incredible superhuman strength and durability, making him one of the most powerful She-Hulk villains in Marvel Comics. His regenerative healing factor makes him difficult to injure, let alone stop, and unlike his frequent nemesis the Hulk, he maintains his intelligence when in his creature form.

Abomination fought Wonder Man in an epic battle in West Coast Avengers #25, where it takes all of his Wonder Man’s energy-based powers to stop him. With Abomination returning in the she hulk series, the two may cross paths in the MCU.

The Vision

Vision throwing a punch in Marvel comics

The Vision’s android body provides him with incredible superhuman strength and stamina, thanks to its ability to change density. He also phases through matter, making him intangible. The Vision generates massive energy beams from his solar gem, strong enough to injure even the most protected supervillains.

The Vision exists entirely because of Wonder Man. Ultron used Simon Williams’ brain patterns to create The Vision, leading to an uneasy relationship between the two men. The Vision and Wonder Man battled several times over the years, though eventually reconciled.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom possesses rare scientific and engineering genius, combined with immense wealth and resources. His inventions of him include the Time Platform, which allows him to move around in time. Doom’s powers extend into magic. He stands among the most powerful magical users in Marvel Comics, and one of its greatest threats.

Doctor Doom fights Wonder Man on several occasions, including the Emperor Doom story from Marvel Graphic Novel #27. Doom almost takes over the world, thwarted only by the Avengers.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror Marvel Comics

Comic book fans know Kang The Conqueror stands among the most dangerous Avengers villains, armed with highly advanced 31st-century technology including an impenetrable battle suit. Kang travels back and forth in time, orchestrating events to create a temporary empire with few rivals. His ambition of him ranks as his most powerful attribute of him, along with his infinite determination of him.

Kang and Wonder Man fought on numerous occasions, with Kang resurrecting the then-dead Wonder Man as part of the Legion of the Unliving to fight the Avengers in avengers #131.


Korvac battling the Avengers.

The Badoon experimented on Michael Korvac and transformed him into an energy-absorbing cyborg. He then acquired the Power Cosmic from Galactus and instantly joined the ranks of the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe. With his power from him, Korvac attained the ability to manipulate time and space on a cosmic scale, teleporting across vast distances and draining energy from stars and planets.

Wonder Man fought Korvac along with the Avengers in The Korvac Saga storyline, where Wonder Man’s ionic energy-based superpowers presented an advantage and deficit in the fight.


Mephisto smiling in Marvel Comics

Wonder Man faced perhaps his greatest challenge in Marvel Comics when he traveled to Hades and fought Mephisto, the demonic entity often behind myriad MCU theories. No doubt exists about Mephisto’s power from him in the comics, where he can alter reality on a terrific scale, including erasing Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s marriage from existence in One More Day.

Mephisto possesses an extraordinary skill in magic that rivals the most powerful mystical and cosmic beings, and within his own dimension, he is nearly unstoppable as many have discovered.

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