Final Fantasy XIV: The Best Builds for Solo Play

While Final Fantasy XIV is designed for parties, it is possible to only some fights. Key skills from tank and healers can make for invincible heroes.

final fantasy XIV is not a solo-first, lone hero style MMORPG. But, there are ways of building and playing jobs to make them much more solo-friendly. This is typically done with high healing and damage mitigation, which can cause encounters to take much longer than intended.

Most of Final Fantasy XIV’s Battles are designed for group co-op with parties consisting of four, eight, or 24 members. However, both over-world content and fights from older expansions may have less active players. While soloing is a good backup option, one may want to ask for assistance when possible.

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To make soloing easier, players will want to have updated equipment and be at or above the level recommended for the fight. Additionally, deploying to final fantasy XIV Chocobo companion can fill in the gaps with damage and healing. Soloing does not require consumables like food or medicine, but keeping the spare ones gained from questing can help in a pinch.

Solo Jobs and Abilities in Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Warrior


Warriors have self-healing built into their normal attack rotation, along with other means of recovering lost hitpoints. They may take high initial damage, but have plenty of time to bounce back to near full health. As Warriors are one of the first job options, players will be able to become accustomed to their playstyle during even Final Fantasy XIV’s basic game To Realm Reborn.

  • Storm’s Path (level 26): Maim combo action, restores HP with a potency of 250
  • Thrill of Battle (level 30): Increases maximum HP by 20% and restores the difference
  • Vengeance (level 38): Reduces damage taken by 30% and counters all attacks with a potency of 55
  • Holmgang (level 42): Prevent HP from falling below 1 for ten seconds
  • Raw Intuition (level 56): All weapon skills for the next six seconds restore HP with a potency of 400
  • Balance (level 58): Restores HP with a potency of 1,200 and gains HP regen with a potency of 200 for 15 seconds
  • Shake It Off (level 68): Apply a barrier for 15 seconds that prevents damage equal 15% of maximum HP
  • Bloodwhetting (level 82): All weapon skills for the next eight seconds restore HP with a potency of 400, and prevents damage equal to a heal of 400 potency

FFXIV Endwalker Healing Jobs Astrologean White Mage Scholar


Scholars are the ultimate survivalists, having both damage prevention and powerful healing. Their damage output is average, so soloing can take a bit more time than other options. Scholars are an upgrade to the Arcanist starter class but players will also get the twin Final Fantasy XIV job of Summoner at around the same time.

  • Whispering Dawn (level 20): Gain an 80 power regen for 21 seconds
  • Adloquium (level 30): Blocks damage equal to 180% of HP restored. Percentage increases another 180% if Adloquium scores a critical
  • Succor (level 35): Blocks 160% of damage healed to self and any allies, including the summoned Chocobo
  • Fey Illumination (level 40): Increases healing power by 10% and reduces magic damage taken by 5% for 20 seconds
  • Energy Drain (level 45): Deals damage with a potency of 100 and absorbs a portion as HP restored
  • Lustrate (level 45): Restore HP with a potency of 600
  • Sacred Soil (level 50): Reduces damage taken by 10% within target area. Also, gain a regen with a potency of 100 for 10 seconds
  • Indomitability (level 52): Restores HP of self and all allies with a potency of 400
  • Deployment Tactics (level 56): Extends the duration of current Adloquium and Succor effects
  • Emergency Tactics (level 58): Expends current Adloquium and Succor to instantly restore HP equal to the barrier amount
  • Excogitation (level 62): Automatically restore HP upon losing 50% HP or after 45 seconds, whichever comes first
  • Chain Stratagem (level 66): The target enemy is more likely to suffer critical damage
  • Recitation (level 74): Ensures that next Adloquium, Succor, Indomitability, or Excogitation will restore critical HP
  • File (level 90): Reduces damage taken by 10% and increases movement for 20 seconds

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Dark Knight

Dark Knights have extremely high defenses, allowing them to stay near maximum hitpoints or survive attacks that would outright kill others. However, compared to Warriors the Dark Knight has less options to restore lost health, making timing and ability knowledge important. As Dark Knight was introduced in Final Fantasy XIV Heavenswardplayers will already need to be level 50 to gain the job.

  • Soul Eater (level 26): Siphon Strike combo, restores HP with a potency of 340
  • Flood of Darkness (level 30): Increases damage output by 10% at a cost of 3,000 MP
  • Shadow Wall (level 38): Reduces damage taken by 30% for 15 seconds
  • Dark Mind (level 45): Reduces magic damage taken by 20% for 10 seconds
  • Living Dead (level 50): During Living Dead’s 10-second duration players will not die at 0 HP. Every spell cast or weapon skill used will heal with a potency of 1,500
  • Abyssal Drain (level 56): deal 150 damage to all enemies in range and restore HP with a potency of 200
  • The Blackest Night (level 70): Gain a seven-second barrier that blocks damage equal to 25% of maximum HP

FFXIV Endwalker Sage character job boss fight


Sage provides both strong automatic healing and the highest damage output for a healer job. This means that many foes will be long dead before the Sage is in any true danger. As a new Final Fantasy: Endwalker job, Sage starts at level 70 and may be far beyond most solo content that may even pose a challenge.

  • Cardio (level 4): Automatically restore HP when certain attack spells are cast
  • Prognosis (level 10): Restore HP with a potency of 300
  • Physics (level 20): Gain a regen with a power of 100 for 10 seconds
  • Phelgma (level 26): Deal 400 potency damage to all nearby enemies, restores 170 HP potency to character under Kardia
  • Eukrasian Diagnosis (level 30): Restore HP with a potency of 300 and creates a barrier equal to 180% of HP recovered
  • Eukrasian Dose (level 30): Place damage over time with a potency of 40 for 30 seconds. Also restores 170 HP potency to character under Kardia
  • Soteria (level 35): Increases the power of the next four Kardias by 70%
  • Druochol (level 45): Restore HP with a potency of 600 and 7% of maximum MP
  • Kercachole (level 50): Reduces damage taken by 10% and restores 7% of maximum MP
  • ZoĆ« (level 56): Increases potency of next healing spell by 50%
  • Pepsis (58): Removes Eukrasian Diagnosis and restores HP immediately
  • Haima (level 70): Erects up to five barriers, each which prevents 300 potency of damage
  • Panama (level 80): Erects up to five barriers each on self an all allies, each of which prevents 200 potency of damage
  • Krasis (level 86): Increases all healing on target by 20%
  • Pneuma (level 90): Deals 330 potency damage to every enemy in front of the Sage, restores 600 potency HP to all nearby allies, and an additional 170 HP cure to ally under Kardia

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final fantasy XIV is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC

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