The 10 Weirdest Marvel Comics Crossovers With Other Franchises

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness wowed fans by bringing in characters like Professor X from other continuities, and the Marvel comics universe has also always leaned into an interesting multiverse with alternate worlds and dimensional rifts that boring unexpected characters together. While these crossovers are usually exciting, they’re also sometimes fairly weird.

Of course, being weird doesn’t mean they aren’t entertaining. Weird crossovers also mean some hilarious interactions that nobody would have ever expected. At the end of the day, crossovers exist for people to clap at all the cool things they recognize, and, in rare instances, those things might even be from non-Marvel franchises.


10 Deadpool:Samurai

deadpool samurai meets All-Might

Deadpool:Samurai is Shonen Jump’s own take on the iconic Merc with a Mouth. Here, Deadpool is recruited by Iron Man into a team called the “Samurai Squad” to help stop crime in Japan. That decision goes about as well as can be expected of Deadpool.

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In classic Deadpool fashion, he shows a lot of interest in being a new medium of comics. He makes fun of the manga writers for including fanservice and wonders why western authors love to add notes as exposition, something manga authors don’t often do. As this is Japan, one of the coolest crossovers is Deadpool’s work with the No.1 hero, All Might.

9 Archie Meets The Punisher

Punisher pointing a gun at iconic character Archie

In one of the most notorious (and hilarious) crossover events, The Punisher is tricked into thinking that Archie is some sort of criminal mastermind. Archie, already stressed about prom, is suddenly forced to deal with a very angry vigilante deadset on taking him down.

This comic is the best example of how hilarious crossovers can get. The Punisher, all garbed in black, with hard angles and guns akimbo, sticks out like a sore thumb in the bright and colorful Riverdale. That juxtaposition lends itself naturally to a lot of comedic moments. Fans are excited to see where The Punisher will show up next, but it won’t likely be in another Archie comic.

8 Deadpool/Classics Illustrated

deadpool classics illustrated of Deadpool pointing a bazooka at child

Set immediately after Deadpool kills the Marvel universe, this story sees him decide that the best way to escape the confines of his comic book is through the place he fears most: the library. The villainous nerds he’s enslaved tell him that one of the most surefire ways to kill the Marvel universe is to go back to where it all started, the classics.

It’s a surprisingly ambitious concept for a silly crossover: to end all of fictional reality, Deadpool must go to the cornerstones of storytelling and kill those iconic characters. The classic characters shifting form into the very Marvel characters they inspire (Pinocchio turning into Vision, for example) is a fantastic form of visual storytelling.

7 Eminem/Punisher

Eminem running from the Punisher.

Possibly one of the most egregious fanfictions ever made official, Eminem and the Punisher cross paths in this ill-advised 8 Mile crossover. The story focuses on Eminem caught in a battle between the Punisher and his MAX nemesis, Barracuda. Mistakenly thinking Punisher was after him, Eminem actually helps Barracuda capture the Punisher. It goes as well as one would expect.

The comic was universally met with confusion. The weirdly photorealistic art style clashed horribly with the over-the-top action. Not to mention, Eminem somehow getting the drop on The Punisher of all people did not sit well with fans. Still, it is a hilarious snapshot of the late 2000s and is sure to amuse readers with its novelty.

6 Spider-Man/SNL

John Belushi fighting off a samurai as Spider-Man warns him

In perhaps the most 70s comic book to ever exist, Spider-Man visits the set of Saturday night Live to save John Belushi from the Silver Samurai. This being the 70s, it’s hilariously outdated in terms of humor, writing, and frankly, general quality. Still, there’s a lot of entertainment to be derived from the absurdity of the premise.

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John Belushi, in character as the notorious Samurai Futaba, accidentally takes a magical ring meant for the Silver Samurai. When the Silver Samurai arrives, John Belushi mistakenly believes it’s a bit and somehow holds his own against Silver Samurai. Indeed, the same Silver Samurai that beat Wolverine struggles against John Belushi. That alone makes the story worth a read.

5 Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness

Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness comic cover

A match seemingly made in heaven (or more accurately, hell), Ashley J. Williams finds himself transported to the dying world of Marvel Zombies. As his usual bad luck he would have it, he is the only one capable of putting a stop to this deadly menace. Along with the Ultimate universe’s Doctor Doom, they look for some way to defeat the undead threat.

The comic is about as over-the-top gory as expected. the Evil Dead franchise didn’t gain its cult classic status for being subtle, after all. The same could be said for Marvel Zombies. What follows is some bloody good times as Ash rips his way through a cast of iconic Marvel characters, and often by him’s skin of his teeth.

4 Star Trek/X-Men

Spock disabling Wolverine easily

One is the story of a mutant team dedicated to saving lives while struggling with the fear heaped on them by society. The other is about a diverse crew of intrepid explorers out in the stars set on discovering places where no man has ever gone before. Few would think these stories have much in common, but that’s why they weren’t the executives of Marvel in 1996.

The X-Men, after their spaceship is lost to a dimensional rift, find themselves inside the iconic Starship Enterprise. There, they meet with the crew and work together to stop a reality-bending villain that threatens both their universes. Despite the seemingly strange premise, the story is taken seriously. It even ends on a surprisingly heartwarming note, as the X-Men are happy to find a timeline where mankind actually prospered.

3 Attack on Avengers

Spider-Man fighting off two small titans

While a brief crossover, it is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining. With only 8 pages, the comic gives both manga and comic book fans several exciting nods to the respective properties. Seeing the Avengers methodically deal with the monsters that gave the cast of Attack on Titan such a hard time is gratifying. They may be big monsters in their universe, but they are just another day in Marvel.

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It should be noted that the author of Attack on TitanHajime Isayama is a huge fan of Marvel Comics. In fact, many of the tone shifts near the end of Attack on Titan are thanks to him being “inspired” by Guardians of the Galaxy (per Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, translated by Fuku Shuu). Reception is mixed on whether or not that was a good thing. Nevertheless, the author must have felt amazing seeing his creations of him fight iconic superheroes.

two Marvel vs. Capcom

marvel vs capcom Ryu and Wolvering clashing mid air

The premiere crossover video game also happened to have a ton of comics. The Marvel Universe and Capcom’s properties are fast friends. No matter how ridiculous the characters get, the two universes operate on a similar wavelength, and that makes them incredibly entertaining to read about. Few could have guessed how long this relationship would last after one cute cameo of Akuma in an X-Men game.

The only thing about the Marvel vs. Capcom universe is how “lived in” it feels. Spanning over decades, characters from either franchise have simply adjusted to living with their new neighbors. For example, Chun Li often works with the likes of Daredevil to take down the Kingpin and Ryu often spends his time training with the likes of Iron Fist and The Hulk. It is, simply put, one of the most fun crossovers ever made.

1 The Amalgam Universe

Dr. Strangefate uses his powers in Amalgam Comics.

Marvel and DC are giants of the comic book industry. It was only inevitable then, despite their obvious rivalry, that they would have a few crossover events here and there. People loved the JLA/Avengers storyline and all the little one-shot crossovers over the years. Still, none of them were as ambitious and unflinchingly 90s as the Amalgam Universe.

The Amalgam Universe combined iconic Marvel heroes and DC heroes into DBZ fusion tier characters. Characters like Dark Claw (Wolverine and Batman), Doctor StrangeFate (self-explanatory), Super Soldier (Superman and Cap), and Iron Lantern (again, self-explanatory) were given over-the-top designs to fit the universe’s aesthetic. The designs are best described as “mashing two action figures together until it turned into one thing.” Still, while the series had no far-reaching plot significance, it was most definitely weird and entertaining.

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