10 Most Powerful Avengers Villains In Marvel Comics

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton will bring a wonder-man series to the MCU, featuring a powerful Avenger for the first time in live-action. Wonder Man also ranks among the most powerful Avengers villains, taking him on the team in his first appearance back in 1964. Another powerful villain, Baron Zemo, created him and may do the same in the MCU.

Wonder Man joins extraordinary company. Though the Avengers fought major threats like Ultron and Kang The Conqueror, their greatest villains in Marvel Comics tended to be their own. The Avengers required all their strength, intelligence, and courage to defeat the Hulk on numerous occasions, including their first adventure. No villain handed the Avengers a greater loss than the Scarlet Witch, who sundered the team and decimated their relationship with the X-Men for years after Avengers: Disassembled.


Baron Zemo

Baron Zemo reveals the truth about the Thunderbolts in Marvel Comics.

Baron Zemo counts among the Avengers’ earliest villains and their most powerful. His skill in various fighting styles and weapons places him among the best martial artists in the Marvel Universe. His organizational skills and evil ambition underline the Masters of Evil and their subversive masquerade as the Thunderbolts.

Though Zemo possesses no superpowers, he did at one time wield the Kree Moonstones. These powerful objects made Zemo a powerful cosmic being with control over matter and energy in all its forms, and he may discover them in the MCU as well.

task master

The Taskmaster debuts in Marvel Comics.

The Taskmaster learns information immediately and is able to mimic the fighting styles of others simply by watching them one time. This makes him especially dangerous against the Avengers, as he proved in his first match with them in avengers #195.

Armed with facsimiles of their greatest weapons, like Hawkeye’s bow and arrow and Captain America’s shield, Taskmaster is a one-man Avengers. Taskmaster’s skill allows him to anticipate his opponent’s attack, overcoming the superhuman advantage the Avengers possess.


Wonder Man debuts in Marvel Comics.

Comic book fans know Wonder Man served on the Avengers for years, but he actually started off as a villain. Zemo imbued him with iconic radiation, giving Wonder Man superhuman strength equal to that of Thor. Wonder Man also generates powerful ionic energy beams and protective shields.

Wonder Man died in his first appearance in avengers #9, but fans later discovered his ionic powers provide him with near-immortality, as he exists more or less in a pure energy state.


Hulk fights She-Hulk in World War Hulk comics.

The Hulk initially functions as a villain for the Avengers as well, though an inadvertent one manipulated by Loki. He later directly fights the Avengers with unimaginable strength and stamina during world war hulkwhen he returns to Earth seeking revenge for his exile on Sakaar.

Hulk’s strength grows exponentially with his anger, and he was never more angry than in this story, among the best Hulk comic storylines ever. I have virtually destroyed New York City in the battle.


Ultron-6 attacks in Marvel Comics.

Ultron’s highly advanced intelligence and utter disregard for human life rank him among the most powerful Avengers villains. Hank Pym inadvertently created a monster dedicated to eradicating all human life when he brought Ultron online. Ultron’s ability to evolve and continuously upgrade his body makes him effectively impossible to stop.

Ultron generally possesses superhuman strength, speed, and adamantium durability throughout his various forms, as well as the ability to fire energy blasts and create protective shields.

Kang The Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror Marvel Comics

Kang The Conqueror leverages his considerable intellect into manipulating time to selfish ends. He wears an armored suit from the 40th century that provides him extraordinary protection from even the mightiest Avengers, and its numerous offensive capabilities including increasing his strength and stamina to superhuman levels.

Kang’s most powerful attribute lies in his ability to spawn variants. Many powerful Kang The Conqueror variants exist throughout the Marvel Universe, including Immortus, a far-future variant that had the power to control the Scarlet Witch.


The Avengers battle Loki.

Loki numbers among the most powerful magical beings in the Marvel Universe, able to conjure spells to trick and deceive even the most insightful people. Loki’s magic allows him to control other people and teleport across dimensions, and this power is so great he once served as Sorcerer Supreme.

Loki possesses incredible strength and stamina thanks to his Frost Giant physiology. His endurance allows him to go toe to toe with the strongest Avengers, including the Hulk and Loki’s brother, Thor.



Thanos represents a powerful threat in any case, with the extraordinary strength and agility he inherited from the Eternals. When I have assembled all the Infinity Stones in The Infinity Gauntlet storyline, he possessed power beyond any other in the universe. He could alter time, space, and life itself, erasing half of all life with the snap of his fingers.

His power exceeded even the greatest cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe, including Mephisto, a demonic entity with few peers in the upper echelons of Marvel’s cosmic hierarchy.

Doctor Doom

Marvel Secret Wars Doctor Doom

Few Marvel Comics villains wield the cunning, ambition, or power Doctor Doom does. He combines genius with cruelty, mastering scientific invention and ancient magic. His need to win drove him to steal The Beyonder’s power in the 2015 Secret Wars event, becoming God Emperor Doom, ruler of his own private universe.

The Avengers proved unable to stop him and Doctor Strange even served as his aid in a cruel display of Doom’s power. Time and again, Doom pushes the Avengers to their limits and beyond with his cruelty from him.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch confronts Namor in Marvel Comics.

The most powerful Avengers villain served with them for years. The Scarlet Witch turned on the team in Avengers: Disassembled and House of M, unleashing her reality-warping powers in ways no one could stop. Hawkeye died trying to save people from a Kree warship she conjured, and Wanda erased the majority of mutants from existence with a single phrase.

Wanda’s power to control reality renders the Phoenix Force useless against her, as she provided in avengers vs. X Men. She handily defeated the Phoenix Five, including some Avengers like Namor, despite the Phoenix Force’s cosmic power from her.

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