Cloud’s Weapon Locations and their Abilities

Throughout the course of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, players can collect six weapons for every playable character, all of which can be upgraded by spending skill points (SP). Doing so will raise the base stats of each weapon, increasing the number of available materia slots and even providing passive boosts to their wielders. Alongside unique attack commands and Limit Breaks, weapons also come with special abilities that can be learned permanently if players put in the time to gain proficiency in them.


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Cloud is the de facto leader of the party, whose greatest strength is his versatility. With the second-highest HP and MP pools, his stats from him are balanced, and he is a solid fit as a damage dealer or spellcaster depending on how players want to utilize him. As a close combat fighter, Cloud wields broadswords and has the added benefit of being able to hit targets in a wide radius. Players can also switch between two stances during battles: Operator and Punisher. The former uses Cloud’s more balanced combat style while the latter significantly reduces his speed for heavier damage output and the ability to counter melee attacks.

Buster Sword

In a player’s first playthrough, Cloud’s starting weapon is the iconic Buster Sword. Players will begin with two linked materia slots to work with, and the accompanying ability Focused Thrust. Using this ability takes one ATB bar and will lunge Cloud towards a target, making a beeline for them and dealing physical melee damage as it hits multiple times along the way.

When an enemy is in the pressured state, using Focused Thrust will greatly increase their stagger gauge. Players can gain a proficiency bonus to learn Focused Thrust by staggering foes during combat.

Iron Blade

With three individual materia slots to begin with, the Iron Blade is a weapon that favors magic over physical attack power. In return, it will increase Cloud’s durability when players invest SP. Players will receive the Iron Blade as a reward after completing the mission “A Job for the Neighborhood Watch” during Chapter 3.

The ability that comes with this weapon is Triple Slash; an essential method of clearing out or damaging multiple enemies at once while using only one ATB charge. Cloud will dash forwards to close the distance between him and an enemy, attacking the targeted foe before moving on to slash at another two. If there is only one enemy present, Cloud will simply attack them three times. To gain a proficiency bonus when learning this ability, players must strike three or more enemies.

Nail Bat

Taken directly from the original Final Fantasy 7 is Cloud’s joke weapon, the Nail Bat. Players receive this weapon as a reward for completing the quest “Kids on Patrol” in Chapter 8. Unlike in the PlayStation 1 game, however, the Nail Bat can be upgraded to add materia slots to it.

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Players can learn the ability Disorder, which initiates a leaping attack against a target and will also switch Cloud between Operator and Punisher mode. Disorder uses one ATB bar and players can gain proficiency by using the ability while in Operator mode. Additionally, Cloud has a unique animation while using attacks in Punisher mode, resembling a baseball swing.

hard edge

Hardedge has the highest attack power of all Cloud’s available weapons, but its magic attack is the lowest. This blade first becomes available during Chapter 9 and can be purchased from the weapon shop opposite Corneo’s Colosseum for 2,000 gil. Players will have two linked and one single materia slot to use when Hardedge is first obtained.

Players can learn Infinity’s End while they have Hardedge equipped and will earn a proficiency bonus when using the ability against staggered foes. This ability requires 2 ATB bars to execute, the highest of Cloud’s abilities. Cloud will charge up his attack before swinging the sword while spinning and then slam it in a devastating downwards strike.

Mythril Saber

Perfect for players who want to use Cloud as a spellcaster, the Mythril Saber scales with magic attack bonuses and has several upgrades to benefit the use of magic, including faster MP regeneration. Players can purchase the Mythril Saber from the weapon shop in Wall Market during Chapter 14 for 3,000 gil.

While it is equipped, Cloud will have access to the ability Blade Burst, which sees him charge up the sword with Mako energy and then slam it into the ground to release three beams. This weapon ability is unique in that it deals ranged magic damage without costing the player any MP, but instead runs a single ATB charge. Killing enemies while using Blade Burst will give players a proficiency bonus.

Twin Stinger

Found during Chapter 17, players will come across a chest along the main story path on level 3 of the Drum. The chest will have a distinct purple glow, instead of the usual golden color that indicates items, making it very hard to miss. It is Cloud’s only weapon that will reach its maximum materia capacity before it is fully leveled using SP, with a starting count of four slots (two sets of linked materia).

Counterstance is, in essence, an upgraded version of Punisher mode that allows players to counter both physical and magical damage. Players must spend one ATB charge and Cloud will assume a defensive stance, where he will immediately parry and counterattack when an enemy hits him. If Cloud is not attacked while he has Counterstance active, he will instead swing his sword in an upward arc and deal damage to any foes in front of him. A proficiency bonus is rewarded to players who are able to successfully execute counterattacks.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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