Golden Book of Art – “Time Gates” by Santo Cervello. Volume

SOLVANG, Calif., June 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

About Santo’s creative process

When the call for peace is greater than the call for war, people will read these books. I began this work of art, connecting my body vibration to the vibration of the earth. I sketched line upon lines, on a blank canvas. When images began to appear I used colors within the spaces and the threads.

“How does one find the sound of peace within one’s self?” was my question and as I sketched, the images overlapped, appearing and disappearing. On the canvas the images evolved, always changing or they became hidden within, underneath, on top, or below. There is goodness between my vibration and the earth’s and I trust this process.

Please review the above image of “The Pointer”.

The Sound Seekers search their inner webs to find the location of peace on earth. Above the head, on the right side of the body, the pointer shows the location of the sound gate before the vibrations enter the brain. If this portal has been blocked we must clean it by using our mind. The third eye must also be clear. The teaching is that: “Energy follows thought.”

Recently, I visited my eye doctor, Pinkeo Southaphah, OD. During my examination she showed me a colored picture on the computer screen, of the inside of my left and right eye. Through the back of my eyes of her I saw the fabric of the cosmos and I was amazed. Are we not all created from this universal fabric?

During my eye examination, I became convinced that each person, within themselves, is A Time Gate. “What beautiful and potential destiny will our human race fulfill?” I thought.

I placed my attention on the image where the Pointer points and within this point, I meet myself on the field, where there is no right or wrong. I see the universe. I hear the cosmic sounds and I wait for the sound of peace.

About The Artist and Author

The five volumes of “Time Gates” reflect a diverse, professional background of the author: from an actor/director/producer/chef to an intuitive art painter/writer/philosopher and an entrepreneur. More than 850 images of Art have been produced in the time span, between 2007 and 2022. This compelling work of art is interwoven with fiction, drama, poetry, and philosophical discourses. It is as if you enter, a very unique theater, where everything brims with rich imagery, and vibrancy.

For more information, please check: Santo Cervello, Artist/Author/Owner of Actor’s Corner Cafe/Art Museum Complex and

Distribution of Art Books by Ingram Sparks. Through our global distribution network “Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello,” volumes: I, II, III, IV, and V are now available to 40,000 retailers. You can buy them on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and through Kindle eBooks. Special Thanks, to Palmetto Publishing Staff for their wonderful work.

Why this Opportunity?

There are millions of human beings worldwide working for peace, and yet the sound of wars rage on. Throughout human history, we have given some people the right to kill millions of us and we do not stop them nor do they receive punishment. Why has this ancient script of long ago not been altered? We are the humanity that makes the New World happen. The old script must change for our children’s future and we must enforce our goodness.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to acquire a Golden Museum Book of Art -“Time Gates” by Santo Cervello comprising Volume III and IV on Kindle eBooks, now for free. This limited time offer begins: June 27thand ends July 1st. No string attached. The image of the Pointer, points to the truth.

We once hosted romantic evening dinners, anniversaries, birthday parties and private lunches. Our selection of wine and food pairing was exceptional. Our menu was a blend of our European-Italian roots and California flavors.

We set the stage to create beautiful moments at the Actor’s Corner Café. A meal of hot fresh bread, olives, cheese, and much more was waiting for you. The guests arrive to feast on fresh foods and award winning wine.

Chef Santo displays a necklace on a tray. Its tiny jewels symbolize the fires of mind which ignite the flavors of healthy food, cooked with our best wine. Please join us for a moment to remember as we have just traveled through the Time Gates, of Actor’s Corner Café 2013-2020.

Humanity is on the brink of another and another catastrophe. Santo’s art propels us to go deep within and find the place where all of us meet and work for the highest possible good. Will you join us on The Time Gates Journey?

Please support this work; it gives an honest testimony to this turbulent era that we all have experienced for more than a decade.

Saint Cervello
Telephone: 805 868-2409

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