June 27, 2022 – Multiversity Comics

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In case you missed it, Marvel Comics announced that “Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham: The Silver Age” will debut in October.

Variant cover by JK Woodward

– IDW announced they will be releasing a landmark “Star Trek” #400 one-shot, a new three-part “Star Trek: Lower Decks” series, and a one-shot called “Star Trek: The Mirror War – Troi” in Sept. The issue #400 one-shot will see a host of talent come together to celebrate the publisher’s star trek history, including Chris Eliopoulos, Declan Shalvey, Megan Levens, and Wil Wheaton; the only revealed story to be included in the one-shot so far will see Star Trek Discovery‘s Keyla Detmer travels into the Kelvin Universe.

“Star Trek: Lower Decks,” based on the animated series of the same name, will be created by writer Ryan North and artist Chris Fenoglio, and see Captain Freeman lead the cerritos crew onto a planet where it, and its people, “are not all what they seem,” whilst those on the lower decks come up against a “bloodthirsty visitor.” “Star Trek: The Mirror War – Troi” #1 will feature the pairing of writer Marieke Nijkamp and artist Megan Levens, and focus on the titular Deanna Troi reflecting on her journey to victory over the Cardassian-Klingon Armada. “Star Trek” #400 and “Star Trek: The Mirror War – Troi” #1 will release first on September 7, followed by “Star Trek: Lower Decks” #1 on September 14. Check out the full details for all of IDW’s september star trek title here.

– Image Comics announced three new projects as part of their September solicitations: a series called “The Least We Can Do” by writer Iolanda Zanfardino and artist Elisa Romboli, a one-shot called “Onyx” by writer Chris Ryall, artist Gabriel Rodriguez, and colorist Jay Fotos, and the next graphic novel in Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips and Jacob Phillips’s “Reckless” series, “Follow Me Down.” “The Least We Can Do” will be set in a “military-occupied and socially oppressed United Kingdom,” where a young woman seeks to join the Eclipse Rebels and overthrow the ruling Eden Army.

“Onyx” will take readers to “a near-future Nigeria beset by overpopulation and food shortages” when the female cyborg warrior Onyx arrives, at the same time as a corrupting alien lifeform, with people unsure whether Onyx has arrived as friend or foe. Finally, “Follow Me Down: A Reckless Book” will be set in San Francisco after the 1989 earthquake, and see Ethan Reckless seeking out a missing woman, only to descend “down a path of darkness and murder in a case unlike anything he’s faced.” before.” “The Least We Can Do” #1 is scheduled to debut alongside “Onyx” #1 on September 14, whilst “Follow Me Down: A Reckless Book” is set to debut on October 12. You can check out the covers and preview pages for all three titles here.

– Arts Council England highlighted their partnership with SelfMadeHero, which has seen the release of 11 short stories that were made via the publisher’s Graphic Anthology Programme, titled “Catalyst.” The program aimed to “develop, publish and promote emerging creators of color from across the UK,” and saw seven participants join up with their mentors for an intensive 12-week timetable of learning and honoring comic book making skills. The resulting eight-page stories in the anthology range from the story of Hazel Fellows, the woman who led a team of women responsible for making the spacesuits for NASA’s Apollo program, to “a dark horror story about a supernatural being who causes the little things in life that have catastrophic, life-changing effects.” You can read more information about each short story here, and purchase a print or digital copy of the anthology here.

– A trailer for White Bird: A Wonder Story, an adaptation of RJ Palacio’s graphic novel of the same name, was released. A spin-off/sequel to Wonderthe film follows Julian Albans (Bryce Gheisar), the bully from Wonder, as he is told the story of his Grandmère’s (Helen Mirren) childhood in Nazi-occupied France; she recounts that she had to be hidden by a non-Jewish family, and reflects on the lasting impact their love and compassion de ella had on her. The film was directed by Marc Foster, and is set to be released on October 14.

– Meanwhile, Where is Anne Frank, the animated adaptation of Ari Folman and David Polonsky’s graphic novel version of Anne Frank’s diary, was given an August 19 cinema release date in the UK. Directed by Folman himself, the film is set in modern day Europe, and sees Kitty — the imaginary friend who Anne addressed all of her diary entries to — come to life. As she sets out to find her friend de ella, and learns the painful truth about her fate de ella, she also bears witness to the enormity of her legacy de ella. A trailer, poster, and selection of stills are available at Flickering Myth.

– Finally, Deadline reported that Hulu has canceled woke after two seasons. The comedy series starred Lamorne Morris as cartoonist Keef Knight who, just as he breaks into the mainstream, is subjected to racial profiling, and finds himself hearing the voices of inanimate objects. The series was created by Keith Knight and Marshall Todd, with the former’s background as a cartoonist serving as the inspiration for much of the series. Knight tweeted of the news, “#CancelCulture is a helluva drug.”


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