Marvel Blasted For Racist Stereotyping In Miles Morales Comic

One of the most popular characters to ever use the spider-man Mantle is none other than Miles Morales, a character first introduced in Marvel’s comic books beginning in 2011. The character has become so popular in the years since he’s been featured in a variety of other Marvel projects. This includes the theatrical animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and its upcoming sequels. The character was recently reimagined for a “What If?”comic where he takes on the role of Thor instead.

Unfortunately, fans weren’t pleased with the new take. In particular, it appears that the creative team involved with the comic used racist stereotypes when portraying Miles Morales.

The character is first redesigned to have a costume that resembles Thor’s. However, it’s slightly altered to be something like a sweatshirt with sneakers. It’s his hammer Mjolnir, however, that really caught the attention of fans. The hammer is adorned in graffiti and many immediately associated it with racist stereotypes. Furthermore, the character’s dialogue is chock-full of unrealistic and stereotypical slang.

The images come from Issue 4 of Marvel’s “What If?”comic bookseries. The series has been reimagining a number of different Marvel superheroes as if they were all Miles Morales. While the character has been associated with spider-man since he became a variant version of the iconic webslinger, this is certainly an interesting opportunity to see how he’d handle being other superheroes. Unfortunately, it appears that the creative team involved just chose to include a number of racist stereotypes in their writing.

One of the writers, Yehudi Mercado, apologized in a tweet:

Despite their misunderstanding of the character, however, it’s clear that other creative personnel have been able to turn Miles Morales into a beloved and iconic character all his own.

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