The Best Viktor Hargreeves Quotes

With the highly anticipated release of season three of The Umbrella Academy now available on Netflix, a multitude of fans have flocked back to the fantastic series. Such a mass of hype has brought back memories of some rather interesting lines that this damaged bunch has come up with over the years.

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Of special note is Viktor, who has gone through a considerable amount of personal development since The Umbrella Academy‘s debut. Sure, he’s displayed a few murderous and apocalyptic tendencies but he is never afraid to be who he wants to be. Some of his lines from him are inspiring, some are a little scary, and some are downright hilarious.

Viktor’s upbringing was one of loneliness and underappreciation. The other members of the Umbrella Academy were always told they were special and amazing whereas Viktor was told he was nothing. It’s a hard element to watch in season one but fans were extremely glad to see him reach his full potential.

However, before this, viewers were subjected to a character that was filled with self-hatred and a strong element of loathing towards his family, particularly his father. This quote perfectly encapsulates such a feeling and is something that many other people will have felt before.

5 ‘I Need Your Help Too, I’m Scared. And For The First Time In My Life, I Don’t Want To Do It Alone. I Want My Family By My Side’

Viktor’s relationship with his family has always been rocky, and trust isn’t something many would expect, especially so soon. Despite growing up with the Umbrella Academy it was often made relatively clear that he was not fully part of the group.

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However, as the show developed, Viktor began to engrain himself into the family and the family did the same. Watching the bond between this group has been a particularly special event and this quote marks the running point for such trust. It’s a perfect encapsulation of character and personal development between more than just Viktor.

4 ‘She Saw Me For Who I Really Am. I’m Not Ready To Give That Up’

Although The Umbrella Academy certainly has its dark moments and its incredibly comedic moments, there are some elements that warm fans’ hearts due to how wholesome or romantic they can be. The majority of Viktor’s scenes with Sissy are adorable and filled with often unspoken respect, admiration, and undying love, despite the affair-like nature.

The start of season three deals with The Umbrella Academy losing some of these loves through them going back to 2019. One such loss involves Viktor and Sissy. In a heartfelt admission to Allison, Viktor truly explores the impact this love had on him and how he dreams of one day going back.

3 ‘I Ended The World Twice, And You’re Just Meat In Spandex’

The introduction of The Sparrow Academy at the end of the show’s second season is something that very few fans saw coming; especially since it had Ben in it. However, after a brief and rather confusing dance battle, it was proven that the Sparrows were less than friendly.

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With The Umbrella Academy trying to figure out a plan and their own personal problems, Viktor took it upon himself to essentially threaten their number one. It was a fantastic scene in which Viktor got to provide his powers from him and show how useless certain superheroes can be when up against someone like him. Fans rarely get to see him being a dangerous badass like this, so it was a fantastic moment and one that some wish turned into a fight.

two ‘Yo soy. It’s Who I’ve Always Been’

Season three was filled with a lot of unexpected twists, from dance battles to a giant god-like apocalypse that will destroy the world, again. However, despite all the unpredictable elements, fans always knew that one thing was coming.

Since Elliot Page came out as Transgender and it was announced that Viktor was doing the same, viewers wondered how this would be addressed. It was done with ease, simplicity, and with just enough focus to bring attention without making it a huge deal. For a lot of viewers, seeing Viktor’s transition and hearing those words meant an awful lot.

1 ‘I’ve Hurt A Lot Of People With My Power, And I Am Just So Sorry You Were One Of Them’

Viktor’s relationship with Harlan is a tricky one. It’s filled with love, fear, anger, and respect. All this makes for a fantastic plotline and fans were thrilled to see him back for season three. This interaction between the two after the news of what Harlen did to their mothers is both shocking and beautiful.

Considering Viktor’s actions and motives it’s sometimes hard to see if he has much remorse for the people he’s hurt. With that in mind, it’s nice to see him repenting. It’s also a great tell for his personality from him to both see him repent and protect the man he’s just learned killed his mother from him. This capacity for forgiveness and love is why many fans love Viktor.

The Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix.

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