The Sandman Trailer Teases the Right Amount of Horror and Fantasy

One of the trepidations fans have for Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is the thought that some darker elements of the comics would be glossed over in favor of a more fantasy-based show. Yet, with the new trailer out, and fans getting a more in-depth look at the characters, the horror-laced promise of The Sandman seems assured. From the first eerie shot of Morpheus, also known as Dream, standing in a bone-strewn, desolate wasteland, to the end scene with the raven, it’s clear that the creep factor will be prevalent while still maintaining its fantasy roots.

Many scenes from the trailer hint at sinister forces, esoteric rituals and unnatural magic in keeping with the source material, while it radiated a tense atmospheric mood of the mysterious. In addition, certain key plot points were showcased and the iconic aesthetic of Morpheus (played by Tom Sturridge) remained intact. With the inclusion of other magic-based characters such as Johanna Constantine (to be played by Jenna Coleman), the preternatural underpinnings of the dark arts are sure to influence the show’s feel.

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The look of the show slanted towards a supernatural quality as well, and a sleek forbidding ambience. Swirling storms, strange mystical energies, cryptic meetings at night and morbid rainy views abounded, with just the right amount of ominous music and disquiet. The trailer radiated secrets and arcane machinations. Now, how far the show pushes into the realm of horror remains to be seen, especially in the case of the more graphic elements of the comics, but if the trailer is a good indication, then the horror presence will be strong.

So what could viewers of the show expect in terms of horror and fantasy content? With an earlier confirmation of the character of Lucifer in the cast, a visit to Hell seems in the cards and whatever terrors that scenario could bring. And there is the Nightmare Realm, home of Morpheus. What strange and grotesque landscapes and creatures might the creators of the show visually conjure to represent that realm? The possibilities are endless.

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And speaking of The Endless, Morpheus’ family certainly offers opportunities for a strange and creepy range of characters. So far, the cast list includes fan favorite, Death, as well as Desire and Despair, all of which are unpredictable and capable of chaotic mayhem. Then there is Morpheus himself, the King of Dreams and ruler of the Nightmare Realm. The trailer indicates that he has lost control of his home, which tracks with the comics, and is on a chilling mission to remind the wayward dreams and nightmares they have misbehaved. That promises episodes wrought with dread or weirdly oddball scenes as Morpheus walks between worlds.

The Sandman has always been as much in the horror genre as the fantasy realm, and the trailer means that is where it will stay. And like the recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it teases a pleasing mix of the bizarre and the mystical. With this dark and macabre glimpse into the fascinating world of The Endless, fans have a lot to be excited about regarding The Sandman.

The Sandman premieres on Netflix on August 5.

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