10 Greatest Justice League Members, Ranked By Experience

In the 1950s, an editor at DC Comics named Julius Schwartz worked with writers and artists to reintroduce new versions of classic Golden Age characters like Green Lantern and the Flash. Thus, characters like Hal Jordan and Barry Allen were born, launching the Silver Age.

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Schwartz tasked writer Gardner Fox with creating a new version of the Justice Society, and in 1960, the Justice League of America debuted in The Brave and the Bold #28. Since then, hundreds of characters have joined the Justice League’s ranks, but there are some heroes who have proven to be important, prolific members of the team over the past 60 years of publication.

10 Black Canary Is More Often A Bird Of Prey

Black Canary was originally a Golden Age character who debuted in Flash Comics #86 in 1947, but her character was altered when DC entered its Silver Age, and Dinah Laurel Lance officially joined the League in Justice League of America #74.

When fans think of Black Canary, they most likely see her as a member of the Birds of Prey, not the Justice League. While she teamed up with Barbara Gordon and Huntress to form the Birds, she was also one of the League’s earliest members, developing a fan-favorite relationship with Oliver Queen, another early Justice League member.

9 Aquaman Was A Founding Member

Aquaman was one of DC’s earliest superheroes, appearing in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941. He was the star of DC’s Silver Age, appearing in animated series alongside Superman. He was also a founding member of the Justice League, battling Starro in Brave and the Bold #28.

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Thanks to comedy series like Robot Chicken and Family Guyand pop culture in general, Aquaman has been considered a “joke character,” but Geoff Johns’s New 52 Aquaman series revitalized his image and proved how threatening and cool he could be. Aquaman has even led the League during events like “Throne of Atlantis” and “Drowned Earth.”

8 Green Arrow Was The 8th Member Of The Team

Although he isn’t an official “founding member,” Green Arrow soon joined the team in Justice League of America #4. Oliver Queen first appeared in the 1940s but was slightly revamped like most heroes during the Silver Age. While he possesses no powers like Batman, Oliver is an integral member of the team, providing grounded reasoning and advice to otherwise cosmic, godlike beings.

Green Arrow became a fan-favorite during Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adam’s Green Lantern/Green Arrow series where the character’s humanity and compassion were on full display, addressing real-world issues like poverty and racism.

7 Barry Allen Helped Launch DC’s Multiverse

The Silver Age of DC Comics truly began with the debut of Barry Allen in Showcase #4 in 1956. Barry Allen gained superspeed, gifted by the Speed ​​Force, an essential cosmic element of the multiverse. Barry was one of the League’s founding members, but his importance extends beyond the League to the DC multiverse as a whole.

Barry helped introduce the multiverse in stories like “The Flash of Two Worlds” and “Crisis on Earth-One” where the Golden Age Justice Society met the League. Barry even created his own universe during the events of flash point.

6 Hal Jordan Split His Time Between The League & The GL Corps

Created by John Broome and Gil Kane, Hal Jordan first appeared in showcase #22 in 1959. After the successful debut of the Silver Age Flash, DC Comics took another Golden Age character, Green Lantern, and remade them for the current age. Hal Jordan quickly became a founding member of the Justice League, appearing in many of their earliest adventures.

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However, Jordan’s time was split between the League and the Green Lantern Corps. Guy Gardner and John Stewart frequently filled in for Jordan. Despite his absences from him, Jordan has played major roles in DC’s biggest stories involving the League, including Blackest Night and Zero Hour.

5 John Stewart Replaced Hal Jordan In The JLA

Though John Stewart didn’t join the Justice League until Justice League of America #110 in 1974, he has since become one of the most prominent, respected members of the team. Stewart debuted in Green Lantern #87, created by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams. He was selected by the Guardians of the Universe to replace Guy Gardner as Earth’s backup Green Lantern.

Hal Jordan may have been one of the League’s founding members, but he’s also usually the star of the Green Lantern titles. Stewart replaced Jordan as the League’s main Justice Leaguer in the early 2000s and has played a prominent role in Scott Snyder’s Justice League post-Rebirth series.

4 Martian Manhunter Is One Of The League’s Strongest Members

Martian Manhunter was one of the founding members of the League, appearing in Brave and the Bold #28, but modern readers may be slightly unfamiliar with the last Martian. J’ohn is one of the most powerful DC heroes, playing major roles Grant Morrison’s JLA and the Justice League animatedseries.

However, J’onn was sadly absent for the majority of the New 52 Justice League series, appearing in his own, brief only series and the less successful Justice League of America title, but thankfully, Scott Snyder made him a primary member of the team eleven again in his own Justice League comic which launched in 2018.

3 Superman Had To Join The League Eventually

Superman is considered the first superhero. He first appeared in Action Comics #1, revolutionizing comic books and launching the DC Comics universe. Superman was originally kept out of the Justice Society of America in the Golden Age, as DC wanted lesser-known characters to shine in that series.

when Justice League of America launched in the Silver Age, DC didn’t hesitate to place their biggest, most recognizable heroes on the team. Superman has been there since the beginning. In many ways, Superman is the heart of the team. He can be a little naive, but he’s led the League against DC’s strongest villains, including Darkseid and Brainiac.

two Wonder Woman Is The Unofficial Leader Of The League

Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8 and quickly became a member of the Justice Society and founded the Justice League as well. Her origin story of her has been altered several times over her 80 years of publication, but her connection of her to the gods has always been an important aspect of her character of her.

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Superman may be the heart of the League and Batman may be the brain, but Wonder Woman is the will. She is one of the greatest warriors in the DC universe, and she has led the League against the forces of Apokolips in the Earth 2 series and led her Amazons during the “War of the Gods” arc.

1 Batman Has Appeared In Hundreds Of League Stories

There have been dozens of versions of the Justice League in DC’s multiverse and some version of Batman has been involved with just about every one of them. Batman has appeared in hundreds of Justice League stories across successful comic titles like the original Justice League of America series, Justice League InternationalGrant Morrison’s JLAand Geoff Johns’s New 52 Justice League.

Batman has also been an antagonist to the League in stories like death-metal and Tower of Babel. The Dark Knight always comes prepared, but that can sometimes hurt his fellow Leaguers. On many occasions, Batman funds the League and leads them in Superman and Wonder Woman’s absence.

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