A good book about radiation and its effects on human health

Just one source of radiation

I know, we have all sorts of stuff to be concerned about these days but I think we all here could benefit from a book about radiation. Especially anyone who is contemplating radiation therapy. And because life goes on longer if we can and do something about it.

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. Because it had spread outside of the prostate capsule (don’tcha just love those medical terms?) surgery would have been ineffectual. So, besides two years of hormone therapy and chemo radiation therapy was also presented to me as a necessary part of my treatment. Three types of radiation therapy were offered. All had the same efficacy after 5 years. They also had the same negative effects after 5 years.

Since I had a pretty aggressive cancer I needed to quickly learn about how prostate cancer was treated. The hormone and chemo therapies were pretty easy to learn about. Radiation, however, is more complex. So more reading and asking questions was in order.

I read several books fast (I am fortunately a fast reader with good comprehension) but also listened to a few audio books while working. One book really stood out because of how well the information was presented, how un-biased the book was, and how well the information could be understood by the lay reader. I listened to the book rather than read it. I have listened to it 4 times now just because of how well the information is presented in the book and because the narrator does such a good job of getting the information across. And because I find it interesting. A book like this could be boring. But the writing and narrating make this book a pleasure to listen too.

The book is titled:


What it is,

What you need to know

It was written by Robert Peter Gale, MD, and Eric Lax. It was narrated by Dr Gale. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the book was narrated so well.

Anyway, if you are curious about radiation and its effects on human health, or if you are considering some sort of radiation therapy, I suggest you read or listen to this book. It answers many questions.

There is a ton of stuff out there on the interwebs and other places about radiation that is just plain false. If you are curious do yourself please and listen to or read this book.

As an aside, since I was going to become fairly radioactive for a little while I decided to make a Geiger counter. I found a kit for a recording Geiger counter. It was kinda fun to watch my radioactivity fall in line with the half life of the radioactive “seeds” implanted in my pelvic region. Not just in my no longer existing prostate but in the whole pelvic cavity. X-rays of my pelvis are now interesting because of all the titanium “seeds” that are widely distributed in my pelvic cavity.


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