Every Robin In DC Comics, Ranked By Intelligence

Being Batman’s sidekick is a job much harder than it looks. Working alongside the Dark Knight is dangerous. Not only must the sidekick fight against crime with half the training Bruce has, but they often need to step up and become the balancing influence on Bruce’s life. Knowing that, it’s not a surprise there haven’t been many Robins throughout the decades.

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Working in Gotham requires every hero to be a little smarter than the average crime fighter. Each character to don the Robin mantle has brought their personality, skills, and flare to the role — making it their own. But it comes down to their smarts, some excel further than the rest.

7 Carrie Kelly Spent Years Working Under A More Experienced Bruce

Carrie Kelly found her way to Batman when the Dark Knight had just returned to the world of crime-fighting. Naturally, she had to be smart enough to survive alongside Batman in a much more dangerous version of Gotham than the one Bruce Wayne had left behind.

However, this version of Bruce was terrible at training his assistants, so Carrie didn’t get nearly enough help from him as other Robins did. Still, she was smart enough to know how to tend to Bruce’s wounds, and she could properly use a computer in an era where such skills weren’t as common.

6 Jason Todd’s Talent Is His Unbreakable Will And Desire To Do The Right Thing

Jason Todd was never known for being an amazing detective, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t smart. Trained by Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth, Jason was never allowed to slack off on his studies. He became an expert in criminology, history, and forensic medicine, while providing himself capable of building and dismantling bombs if need be.

Jason Todd is fluent in a half-dozen languages, a resource he’s used to survive different places all over the world. But Jason’s goal has never been to be the smartest person in the room. Jason is the group member willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

5 Helena Wayne Trained Under Batman And Catwoman

Helena Wayne has existed in multiple timelines, and in each one, she always tries to take after her father, Batman. In the New 52 version of Earth 2, Helena fights alongside Batman against Darkseid — having been trained by both her dad and her mom, Catwoman. Helena never shows signs that she’s a super-genius, but she’s no slouch.

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While trapped on New Earth, Helena demonstrates the skills needed to create false identities to hide behind, allowing her to live a decent life on Earth. She’s also able to hack into the Wayne Enterprises accounts to steal money and use it to fund her missions from Ella as the Huntress.

4 Damian Wayne Was Raised To Be The Ultimate Assassin

Damian Wayne was raised by his mother Talia al Ghul to be the ultimate assassin. He was taught dozens of ways to kill someone by turning even harmless objects into weapons. Damian received the finest in education from birth, and was groomed to be the prince of the world itself, taking over everything.

Damian isn’t just talented with computers, he also has great business acumen. He balances Wayne Enterprises’ books while Bruce is gone, finding irregularities in them and gaining power over the board of directors. The only thing that holds back Damian’s incredible intelligence is his inexperience and arrogance about him.

3 Dick Grayson Was Bruce’s First Protégé, An Ideal The Others Aspire To

All the Robins had Batman’s shadow hanging over them, but some Robins had a second shadow to escape: Dick Grayson’s. Nightwing was everything Bruce could’ve asked from his first Robin. Despite their disagreements, Nightwing was good at everything from acrobatics to detective work and problem-solving.

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Nightwing displayed an ability to hack into computers, and he built his own vehicles and devices when they’re necessary. The character largely relied on his combat skills, and while he was not afraid to ask for help, he was capable of doing everything on his own.

two Stephanie Brown Has Proven A Genius In Her Own Right

Stephanie Brown experienced some of the best character growth among the Robins. She started as someone who just wanted to bring her dad down, but later she began working with Tim for the fun of it. Since then, she received training from Bruce and Barbara alike.

Stephanie inherited her dad’s incredible intellect, and since the character was reintroduced post-Flashpoint, she wasn’t afraid to use it. Stephanie refined her skills to the point she could operate on her own, and was also smart enough to understand most of the tech-jargon coming out of Tim’s mouth from her.

1 Tim Drake’s Intelligence Allows Him To Outsmart World-Spanning Organizations

Tim Drake isn’t the best fighter of the group. He’s not the most acrobatic like Dick Grayson, and he lacks the killer edge Jason Todd has. What Tim has in his favor is his incredible intelligence. Not only has he trained harder than any other Robin, but he’s a natural detective. Tim even figures out Bruce and Dick’s heroic identities with only his wits from him.

As Red Robin, Tim Drake went toe to toe with the League of Assassins and won. He dismantled a large part of their organization, and lived to tell the tale after fighting Ra’s al Ghul. In some timelines, the misuse of his intelligence caused him to turn evil. Time’s villainous version proved capable of bringing down all the other Bat-Family members with ease. Tim’s potential knew no bounds.

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