Sabarna Roy discusses his journey with Neha Dhupia

savarna roy & Neha Dhupia discuss Post Modern Indian Literature at Brands Impact’s Being Candid Season 3.

Sabarna, who is in his 27th year of employment as Senior Vice President (Business Development) with Electrosteel Group, has keen observation and detailed sketches of the human mind that shine through his literature, proving him to be a literary scientist of sorts who follows no conventions when it comes to soulful writing.

Sabarna said “Post-modern is the time after the advent of the Internet in our daily lives, which radically altered our relationships with each other and the nature surrounding us. I have been writing seriously since 2007, and all my books, in various genres, have been an exploration of different man-woman relationships in the urban milieu. In some of my fictional works, I have also explored alternative sexuality. I have dealt with depression, bitterness, solitude, melancholy, and various other darker emotions through my characters. Sometimes I am labeled as a torch-bearer of unhappy stories. But I believe there is a lot to learn about our lives through unhappy stories because of which, I tell them continuously. I write for adults, and someday, I hope to write happy literature for children and adolescents. At the end of the day, as there is more and more pace picking up in modern-day life and revolutionary changes that social media has influenced us, I find unhappiness all over. On one side, there is hyper-consumerism; on another side, there are hyper-aspirational people, and on another side, there are impoverishment and malnourishment. Sometimes I do not understand how to reconcile these conflicting themes and migrate into happy literature. The discourse in the country is becoming more and more violent.

His extraordinary skill of touching all the right strings in his description of human emotions and characters, his balanced and multifarious take on issues of global importance along with the inspiring work in his domain have helped him gain popularity among people of all age groups.

Besides being an author of eight critically acclaimed bestselling literary books namely: Pentacles; Frosted Glass; Abyss; Winter Poems; Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018; Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020; Fractured Mosaic, and A Marriage, an Affair, and a Friendship, Roy also has three technical books to his name, titled: Articles on Ductile Iron Pipelines and Framework Agreement Methodology, Technological Trends in Water Sector for a Sustainable Solution, and Emerging Environmental Technologies and Policies.

Sabarna is a TEDx Speaker, Champions of Change Award 2020 Winner, Times Excellence Award 2021 Winner in Indian Literature, and Golden Glory Award Winner for Critically Acclaimed Bestselling Author of the Year 2021. Sabarna Roy has been awarded the Right Choice Awards for Author of Eminence 2022. Sabarna Roy has been selected among the India Today Group: Icons of India. He has completed his ninth literary work by him: an epistolary novel, which will be published in the winter of 2022/23. Presently, he is working on his tenth literary work loosely titled: Thirty Summer Poems and Conversations about a Murder.

Sabarna has received the Best Author to Watch 2022 Award from Indo-Global Entrepreneurship Conclave Delhi organized by Business Connect, and Best Author in Indian English Literature of 2022 at the Ninth Asia Education Summit 2022.

Sabarna has received a letter of confirmation from the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission [CIAC] Global Foundation stating that he will be receiving an Honorary Doctor of Arts, Honoris Causa from Azteca University, Mexico.

Brands Impact organized another season of Being Candid yet again with the very talented neha dhupia who was loved and adored as the host of the foremost season. Season 3 comes subsequent to the great success of this unique chat show’s second season hosted by Day Mirza. This season includes a series of interactive sessions with various Industries stalwarts.

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