Mass Effect’s Former Lead Writer “Blindsided” By Love For Garrus

Former Mass Effect lead writer Drew Karpyshyn shares how he and his team were surprised by just how many fans wanted Garrus as a romance option.

Garrus Vakarian is one of the most popular characters in the Mass Effect series, and even the writers who created him were surprised by how many fans loved him. Commander Shepard makes many allies during their mission to save the Milky Way Galaxy throughout the first three Mass Effect games, and the Turian former C-Sec Officer was one of the first to join their crew. Garrus met Shepard in the first Mass Effect, where Shepard bumped into him as he was investigating the rogue Specter Saren Arterius on the Citadel. Since Shepard was also on the hunt for Saren and Garrus was growing tired of the bureaucratic red tape that hindered his work de el, he agreed to follow Shepard and their crew aboard the SSV Normandy as they embarked on a mission to stop Saren and his Geth army.


Ever since his debut, Garrus has been an extremely popular character due to his no-nonsense attitude and steadfast loyalty to Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepard, with fans frequently cosplaying as Garrus and even requesting professional drawings of him from comic book artists. Due in part to this popularity, Garrus would return as a squad member and romance option in the Mass Effect Trilogy‘s closing two entries. FemShep’s potential attraction from her to her from her gruff Turian crewmate was shared by many Mass Effect players in the real world – something that apparently caught the writing staff behind BioWare’s critically-acclaimed sci-fi RPG trilogy off-guard.

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During a recent AMA session on r/Fantasy, former Mass Effect lead writer Drew Karpyshyn revealed that while he and his team had always planned to have Garrus return in the later installments, they never imagined how many people would want him as a romance option. As reported by pc gamerKarpyshyn noted that he was “blind-sided” by these requests, but the developers felt that they needed to deliver on what the fans wanted – hence Garrus’s romance with Shepard in later Mass Effect games. He would then go on to speculate on the idea of ​​Garrus and Shepard producing offspring as a result of their union, and while he isn’t sure what BioWare’s “officer” stance on the issue is, his personal opinion is that such inter-species reproduction “wouldn’t be possible.

Fans were recently able to re-experience the entire Mass Effect trilogy, including Garrus, in 2021’s Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which remastered all three games along with almost every piece of related DLC. Not too long after Legendary Edition was released, BioWare took to social media to ask fans about some of their favorite characters, choices, and moments from the Mass Effect series in an online poll. While Garrus wasn’t ranked as players’ favorite squadmate in Mass Effecthe still was pretty high in the polling – and most players took care to ensure that he survived Mass Effect 2‘s perilous final mission.

Many of these players were motivated to see where Garrus Vakarian’s plot went in the later Mass Effect 3, including those who romanced the deadly but soft-spoken Turian marksman during their playthroughs. Not even BioWare’s head writers could have predicted just how popular Mass Effect‘s Garrus would be, and fans are currently hoping to see him again in the upcoming Mass Effect 5.

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Source: u/DrewKarpyshyn/Reddit (via PC Gamer)

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