Things to do this weekend August 12th

Happy Monday! The new week is here and with it comes the chance to delve deep into some fresh culture and fashion. Here’s your latest look at the iD Guide.

Wear… Kenzo’s Urban Uniforms for AW22

Under the creative helm of Nigo, Kenzo is giving us classy Urban Uniforms for AW22. Their latest drop, in stores and online now, is like Harajuku street style meets the wears of 1960s French students at the forefront of revolution. Think cable-knit everything, gorgeous denim utilitarian wear, and flower power to the fucking max. Buy it all here.

byredo lip balms

Snag… Byredo’s new flavored lip balms

Here’s the dilemma: good lip balms are effective, but their formula rarely puts flavor at the fore. Flavored lip balms taste good, but they’re usually stuffed with inexplicable nasties to make them so. So thank god Byredo have managed to make a killer crossover product: a flavored lip balm that does the job and tastes good, all while being free of endocrine disruptors and pesticides. They come in three flavors — Thé à la Menthe d’Agadir, Bergamotte de Bahia and Camomille d’Anjou — and are available to buy now, either directly from or in store, or on the Selfridges website.

at water by seth fluker

At Water by Seth Fluker

Harboring a new collection of images by photographer Seth Fluker, At Water is a limited edition zine that captures water in its varying moods and states. Shot across several continents, from Seth’s home country of Canada to Japan, it highlights water’s volatile behaviour. It’s available now from its publisher Hassla Books in a limited run of 300. Buy it here.

Watch… Girl Picture

The winner of the World Cinema Audience Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the Finnish movie Girl Pictures is a spin on the plights of coming-of-age as a teenage girl. Two best friends, Mimmi and Rönkkö are inseparable, working together at a smoothie stand after school. They share their own woes of what it’s like to explore love and sex during adolescence — but their two paths are totally unique. While Mimmi is kissed by a girl she knows, Rönkkö is keen to explore the wilder side of life. Girl Pictures hits limited US theaters on 12 August, and will be released in the UK later this year.


Read… None of the Above by Travis Praise

It’s been a trailblazing few years for trans voices in literature (Detransition Baby, Snowfall‘s resurrection), but the immense power of British non-fiction focusing on trans existence is particularly impressive. Travis Alabanza, playwright and performer, makes a real mark with their book None of the Above, in which they take seven sentences spoken to them — inciting both joy and vitriol and unpacks their impact, not only on Travis, but on the attitudes towards Black, working class, non-binary folk as a whole. Pick up your copy here. Alternatively, check out the audio book.

Listen to… Yaz

One of the British artists whose star rose on TikTok during the pandemic, Yaz makes candied drum and bass that feels like sliding through clouds in summer. Plenty more is slated to drop later this year, but this new one, “Anymore”, is grossly addictive.

joseph wilson licking wounds film

Go to… Joseph Wilson: Fragments Between Us

As part of New Art Projects’ line-up of exhibitions, queer artist Joseph Wilson will present Fragments Between Us, a collection of short films that examine the realities of queerness in Britain throughout the late 90s and early 00s. Everything from Section 28 to the tumultuous and illuminating experience of queer coming-of-age is dwelled upon. Furthermore, a new film, Licking Wounds (2022), will meet its first audience there, a collaboration between Wilson, the dancer William Darby and the musician Hannah Holland. It will run from 11 August to 13 September at New Art Projects, 6D Sheep Lane, London. More information can be found here.


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