Try one of Amazon’s best services for free: free audiobooks for 30 days

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It is one of the great unknowns of Amazon. Enjoy more than 9,000 titles in audiobook format narrated by well-known voices.

Among its titles and podcast, you will find bestsellers, science, history, mystery, self-help, police books, in English or for children, among many other categories.

Amazon gives you the option to try this service for free and without any commitment for 30 days. If you have contracted the Prime service, the free trial is 90 days.

If after the test you are interested, the monthly subscription is 9.99 euros, a money that you will immediately amortize. Also, you can cancel it at any time.

Try Amazon Audible for freeYou will hear the stories do not ad, without the need for an Internet connection and on the device of your choice: smartphone, tablet, computer or Amazon Echo.

have auto sync: It doesn’t matter if you change devices to listen to it, the audiobook always picks up at the exact point where you left off.

In addition to best sellers, you’ll recognize many of the storytellers: Joseph Coronado, Michelle Jenner, Clara Lago, Adriana Ugarte, Mario Vaquerizo, Alaska, Leonor… are some of them.

Some of the titles have even been narrated by its own author; which generates added value to the work. This is the case with “In case the voices come back”, by Ángel Martín.

There are also works that you will only find in this format, as “Jodidísimas”, by María Dueñas: a play performed by Lolita Flores, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Anne Igartiburu and Luz Cipriota.

The rise of audiobook consumption

Some say that audiobooks are the new podcasts. Its use begins to skyrocket. Not carrying the physical book or the ebook with you has its advantages. In addition, it can listen offline.

Experts say that the so-called generation Z it hardly connects with the radio and that it prefers audio-type formats. For them, the consumption of audiobooks is something natural.

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Since the outbreak of the pandemic, its consumption has increased by 64.4%according to data from the Reading Barometer prepared by the Ministry of Culture.

This format does not have to be at odds with traditional reading. In addition, its defenders emphasize its inclusive use: with them, dyslexic or blind people can approach literature without barriers.

Other platforms such as Spotify have already entered the market, which indicates that it is a business that will be on the rise in the coming years.

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