Life-changing Books To Read That Will Change Your Thinking: Top 10

Life-changing Books To Read That Will Change Your Thinking: Valuable information are disseminated via various means and one of them is through books. A book is a printed piece of document which could also be in copies or series of pages containing written characters of pictorial representations bound or glued together with a cover. Books have proven to be a better source of information, books can be printed in pages chapters and so on. Books comes in different formats for example, they appear or are printed as newspapers, the telegraph, files, gazette, magazine, novel, textbooks, journals, scrolls, tablets, report, calendars, workbooks, notebooks, index and so on.

A major format of storing information is book or storing it through books this is because it has shown to be a very durable form easy to reference and it helps to eradicate the ineptitude of human mind having on remember at all times what happened and keeping record so Books are very important as they help in articulating thoughts, events, histories, and storing them for a very long time to preserve history and historical events, moments, diaries, Chronicles, autobiographies, biographies and so on.

Audio books are relatively cheap but they are one of the most valuable items in existence. The prices of books are influenced most times by the volume, the content, the author, the subject matter discussed in the book and so on. The value embedded in books or the level of knowledge we gain from books cannot be overemphasized because the wisdom embedded in books which are the values, the imprint in books are so valuable that they cannot be measured with the price tag. Books have literally been used as a tool of transformation, saving lives growing economies, enhancing interpersonal relationships, fostering a balanced social structure across the globe, it has also been used as a tool for National development and security.

Apart from the fact that books is a major means of conveying information books have been discovered to be another area people explore as a career and so, books have created jobs, books have been used as a means of entertainment as well. It is true that a book is made up of printed characters and letters which are embedded using an ink however, these are not just mere characters and letters as they are set of characters with the ability to change and transform situations, individuals, and groups. Every book has a target, more like; there’s a purpose for which a book is created or produced.

Although it has been established that the general purpose for which books are created is to pass information, enlighten and educate however, one can actually say that each book has a specific unique goal it intends to achieve, for example a book might be created to issue instructions regarding a particular subject matter while others may be created in order to save lives, for example, a book created to give instruction on how to stay healthy or how to avoid a black spot or how to avoid getting harmed, some may be created to entertain for example we have drama we have tools we have magazines and we have books of songs and so on.

Based on the foregoing it will be of interest to us in this article to consider some of the books that have been shown to be life-changing, some of the books that have been read or could be read in order to gain transformation, emancipation. Will consider some of the books that have helped individuals, groups or organizations to attain self-actualization self-discovery, shaped their mindset on a valued goal and achieve a refined purpose.

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Top 10 Life-changing Books To Read That Will Change Your Thinking

1.The Alchemist: The quintessential novel titled, The Alchemist is a novel written by the Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, the book was first published in the year 1988. The novel is a good read although it was originally written in Portuguese. As a result of it effect and how good the book was, it gained prominence as a widely translated international bestseller. The novel is allegorical.

Life-changing Books To Read That Will Change Your Thinking

Allegory is a literary device employed in narrative or visual representation in which a character, place, or event can be interpreted to represent a hidden meaning with moral or political implications. The book has about 163 pages and was published in English in the year 1993. It is considered today as one of the most life-changing books to read because of the plot and how it talks about self-discovery and updating.

2.The Outsider: Published by Scribner in 2018, The Outsider is a thrilling horror novel by the renowned American author Stephen King. The novel, not minding the fact that it has been published a few years back, is now a best seller due to the story and how it is relatable.

Best books to change your thinking

It is a good read that transforms and reshapes the mind of the reader with regards to crimes and hidden truth. With about 560 pages, the book has been adapted to a television series and remains a thriller. It is definitely one of the most life-changing books to read.

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3. Rich Dad Poor Dad: The 1997 book written by the American author, Robert T. Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter and published by Warner Bros Publishing. It is a book that centers on Personal finance, entrepreneurship, business, investing, economics and general final management.

Books with deep meaning about life

The book is one of the best books to grab if you want to understand the importance of financial literacy. It teaches you how to attain and maintain financial independence and how to build wealth through investing in assets, increasing your financial intelligence, real estate investments, as well as how to start, own and run a business. It was published in 2000 with about 330 pages. It is certainly one of the most life-changing books to read.

4. Atomic Habits: This book focuses on self-help, personal development and economics. It was written by James Clear, an American author and public speaker. The book with about 320 pages was published by the Penguin Publishing Group in 2018.

Life Changing Books That Will Change Your View of the World

Currently, the book has been translated into over 50 languages ​​in order to reach more audiences and over 5 million copies has been successfully sold. Atomic Habits is a life-changing book to read.

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5. The Power Of Habit: The book was written by the American author and a New York Times reporter, Charles Duhigg. The book was published in February 2012 by Random House publishers with about 371 pages.

Books That Will Change Your Life

The book centers on the mystery behind habit creation and the reformation of habits. It is one of the most life-changing books to read.

6. The Power Of Now: This is a book that highlights how people focus and interact with themselves and other people. It is a practical guide on how to discover one’s interactive strength.

Most Life-Changing Books That You Need to Read 2022

Written by Eckhart Tolle and published in 1999 with about 236 pages. It is one of the most life-changing books to read.

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7. Man’s Search for Meaning: This is a book that tries to fathom how the incarceration of a prisoner and his everyday life in captivity impacted his behavior.

Life-Changing Books That Shape Your Thinking

The book was written by Viktor Frankl a former prisoner. The book was published between 1946 and 1959 with about 200 pages. It is a good read and definitely one of the most life-changing books to read.

8.Outliers: The book is a non-fiction book written by Malcolm Gladwell and published by Little, Brown and Company. Published in 2008, the book centers on the mystery behind success and how most renowned successful businessmen in America got to be so successful.

Most Life-changing Books To Read 2022

It is indeed a pretty good read and a life-changing book.

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9. The 4-Hour Workweek: Amongst many other amazing books for personal development, this book by Timothy Ferriss is a masterpiece. It is a self-help book that tries to explain how to escape the shackles of time slavery in others to get rich.

What is the best book to change your life?

Timothy Ferriss is an American writer, educational activist, and a renowned entrepreneur. His book by him is one of the most life-changing books to read with about 308 pages.

10.Deep Work: This is a unique book that tries to liberate the mind of it readers and enlighten them on how to get focused and achieve success in a distracted world. It was written by Cal Newport. With about 137 pages, the book is a self-help book that would help achieve great potentials. It was published in 2016 by Little, Brown Book Group.

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In conclusion, books are of great value, as a matter of fact, it should be one of the most valuable items to own as the knowledge and information embedded in ben they are more precious (in most cases) than gems.

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